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Lushful Eyelash Enhancement Serum – Eyelash Growth Serum with Biotin & Natural Growth Peptides, Dermatologist Certified, Cruelty Free & Hypoallergenic

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Are you Suffering from Thinning, Brittle Eyelashes?


Transform Your Lashes
in Only 2 weeks

See How Lushful Lash Will
Rebuild Years of Damage and
Stimulate Growth For New
Healthy, Natural Eyelashes


The Difference
Will Leave You

After Only 8 Full Weeks of Treatment Your Mascara Will Give You the Effects of False Lashes

Before After

Why Eyelash Kits Can Destroy Your Natural Hair — and How Lushful Lash Helps


Completely Coat Your Lashes in Under 1 Minute With This Simple Bedtime Routine.

One Quick and Easy Swipe Around Your Lashes Each Night is Needed For the Fullest Effects


Using Nature’s Finest Ingredients, Lushful Lash Guarantees Maximum Anti-Aging Benefits

Natural Ingredients are Simply Better for your Health, and will not Cause Irritation in Sensitive Areas

Hyaluronic Acid
Panaz Ginseng

Dermatologists and Beauty Experts Praise the All-Natural, Healthy, & Full Lashed Effects of Eyelash Growth Serums


96% of Lushful Lash Reviews Mention Healthier, Fuller Looking Lashes -
See Why

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Customer Reviews

4.98 out of 5
482 ratings from

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Value for Money
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Top reviews from the USA

Madison I.

San Francisco, California, USA-10/14/2020

No other growth serum compares to this

I have tried many lash serums over the years...some pricier than this, some not. I don't think I've ever gotten better results faster than with Lushful Lash! My lashes grew long and dark in just one month. I had to get a lash lift to keep them out of my eyes!

Victoria R.

New York, USA-10/13/2020

Doubled the length of my short and brittle lashes

I love my lash serum, it really works. My lashes have doubled in length going from these short little things to a younger and healthier look. I love it so much I just ordered another 2 tubes so I can maintain this gorgeous lash line, making me look like I’m in my 20’s again. I recommend this to anyone that has trouble with thinning lashes.

Scarlett G.

Houston, Texas, USA-10/12/2020

Each day I see my lashes getting longer and longer!

I was a bit skeptical at first but after a week of using this product I noticed a huge difference in my eyelashes! Not only are they getting longer as the days go by sitting at home, I feel how strong my lashes are becoming day after day.

Avery N.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA-10/11/2020

I use half the mascara before Lushful Lash

There wasn't anything to dislike about this product and it was easy to apply, no burning sensation. I love love this product and it definitely works, worth the money. I now have long eyelashes and barely use any mascara in the morning to get to the look i want. I get complimented all the time... must have product!!!

Mark Q.

Chicago, Illinois, USA-9/9/2020

In only 2 weeks my lashes are double the length

I’ve heard all about these magic growth serums for your eyelashes and never really tried one, but once I saw these were buy one get one free, I said why not.. I’m really glad i finally gave in and got a pair, because my lashes are pretty much double the length in only 2 weeks of using it. I just swipe once on each eyelid right before bed, and it dries almost instantly. No burning or anything like that, just results!

Riley H.

Los Angeles, California, USA-9/8/2020

My lushful lash journey

[4 MONTH UPDATE] I am SHOCKED at how good this worked. I noticed that much of the new hair that was growing in after 2 months was very fine and blonde, so I finally went and had my eyebrow hair tinted. It revealed HOW MUCH HAIR I had grown. My eyelashes never had this much fullness or hair. Not even close. I can't recommend this highly enough. It absolutely works. Proof is in the photo!

Sofia U.

Jacksonville, Florida, USA-9/7/2020

Repaired my damaged lashes in

This product is amazing and highly recommend. I have used this for 3 weeks and I cannot believe the growth. My lashes were damaged from using the eye curler. It is expensive but if you want healthy looking lashes this is the product. I no longer use an eye curler and my lashes look so healthy. The product is easy to put on, and dries in under a minute.

Abigail F.

San Antonio, Texas, USA-9/26/2020

Surprised with how much longer they made my lashes

I didnt think that this would work but I really was feeling desperate. Silly, but my one eye has MUCH shorter lashes than my other. It bugs me daily, but I used lushful lash and after about 5 weeks I was amazed. My eye with the shorter lashes actually matched the other one...and it seems that they are even a little longer! My lashes even seem thicker, not just longer and I am LOVE that!! I am now applying it every other day to my other eye. I came back wanting more!

Hannah E.

San Diego, California, USA-9/5/2020

Real results in only a couple of weeks

It does take some time to see the difference, but after 2-3 weeks I could really tell how my lashes were not only longer, but fuller too. I was so used to looking in the mirror and seeing these little things i like to call lashes, but now my lashes are where i need them to be. I’ve been using lushful lash serum for almost 3 months now

Stella Y.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA-9/4/2020

I’m hooked on my new lashes

I started using this at the recommendation of a friend, who is an RN at a high-end med spa. Her lashes were long and lush, so I asked what she was using. She sent me to this website and it has had the same result for me, and also for another friend. I started using daily on bare lashes, and am now down to maintenance about 3-4 times a week. We are hooked, and I am now back for another 2 tubes for the rest of the year!

Eleanor T.

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA-9/4/2020

Even works if you miss a few days

I will be honest, I have a bad habit of not using it daily. I might miss a day here and there or go every other day for a few days. It still did a fantastic job. My lashes are much more rich in color, and they are almost twice as full as they were before and noticeably longer. I am only on week 5. I already purchased a second bottle!

Elizabeth W.

Portland, Oregon, USA-10/3/2020

A noticeable difference

I have for a very long time had issues with my eyelashes. I think this may have something to do with thyroid problems, but age isn't helping either. For some reason the eyelashes on my left eye seem to fall out to the point that there are large gaps in lashes. The last time this happened I started doing some research and was at the point of gong to beg my doctor for the prescription stuff. But I read some very good reviews about Lushful Lash so i decided to try it. About a week ago I'm going through my normal morning routine which includes mascara and an eyelash curler and my lashes seemed much longer. This was great but I needed a second opinion-- My Mom who had not seen me in a few months visited this weekend; I said nothing. After an hour into the visit- she looks at me and asks me what I've been doing with my lashes to make them so long and pretty!! Folks this stuff works! I've been using for about 6 weeks now and I still have plenty left so if you break down the monthly cost- it's not even that expensive (I know people who spend more on fancy coffee in a month than this). Anyway-- HIGHLY RECOMMED!

Mila Y.

Denver, Colorado, USA-10/2/2020

My lashes are growing… & fast too

My lashes are growing like weeds. I was using Latisse but this works much faster and much better and it’s a lot cheaper and with easier application. I was NOT disappointed buying this product. WOW.... Did I say WOW. I mean I saw a very noticeable difference in my lashes in about a month. I now only use it every other night.

Zoe J.

Seattle, Washington, USA-10/1/2020

Great for using after false lash damage

I am in love with this product. I have tried other eyelash growth products but this is truly the best (doesn't change your eye color like others can). If you say this product doesn't work you aren't be consistent with its application. It does take a few weeks but give it time it will work. Like most products if you stop using it your lashes will go back to their natural length. This product is BEST if you are growing our your eye lashes after false lash use.

Emily R.

Dallas, Texas, USA-10/10/2020

Best growth serum available

I've been using this product for 3 years, its absolutely amazing. I get complements daily, everyone thinks I have fake lashes. I always say, I grew them myself with a little help ;) It takes a few weeks to notice a difference but trust me if you keep using this product, it will deliver. I even had to stop using it for a while since my lashes were so long, I couldn't wear glasses. Side note: I tried Latisse, didn't work as well.

Zoey P.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA-10/11/2020

Don’t let lash extensions ruin your lashes

I had tried lash extensions and they were extremely uncomfortable and I don't like the way falsies feel so I figured I'd give this a try and it really does work. You have to use it regularly and it takes a month or two for real results to show but it does work. I'm not sure how it compares to cheaper brands but I only need one bottle every three or four months so it's not a huge expense.

Grace R.

Detroit, Michigan, USA-10/12/2020

With or without mascara my lashes look fabulous

I just used the last of my first tube, which lasted me about 4 1/2 months of nearly daily use. I'm 61, so my lashes were not as long and thick as they used to be. My lashes are now longer and darker, look good without mascara, and look fabulous with mascara. Even some very tiny lashes on my lower lash line that were almost invisible before I started are back. I just reordered, and highly recommend this product.

Amelia H.

San Francisco, California, USA-10/13/2020

A simple

I’ve been using every night for about 6 weeks and it really does work. However, I did not notice any results until about 5 weeks of everyday use, not at 2 weeks at least in not my case, but i guess it can be different . I’m very pleased with the results and will be buying more when I run out. I did NOT get this item for free or discounted price. This is my honest review.

Sophia D.

New York, USA-10/14/2020

Unbeatable price for real results

This product works. I have used way more expensive products like Babelash and this beats them all hands down. After years of extensions my real lashes were almost gone. I have been using this about 10 weeks now and I started to really notice a difference after 6 weeks. I will definitely buy more because I am so amazed by the results.

Charlotte O.

Houston, Texas, USA-10/15/2020

Hydrated skin ages slower. This helps all the way

My skin is now constantly nice and hydrated without zapping of adequate moisture . I really love my skin feeling hydrated and lushful lash has not only provided hydration, it also exceeded my expectations as I normally have dry skin around my eyes staring at a screen for so long. This really rejuvenates my skin giving me a younger glow

Aubrey H.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA-10/16/2020

Perfect for anyone with thinning lashes

My lashes had become thinner and were never long. Since using Lushful Lash my lashes are much longer and thicker now!! It has not even been 2 months that I have been using it. I have never had lashes like this!! My daughter asked me what I am using and now wants to use my new secret!!!! I absolutely love this stuff! From the start I didn’t feel any tingling or burning, just a quick swipe and it would quickly absorb.

Emma F.

Chicago, Illinois, USA-10/17/2020

Be patient everyone, it’s well worth the wait

I bought this in the beginning of June, and it wasn't until the middle of July that my lashes got noticeably longer. I'm glad I stuck with it, because even if it took almost 2 months, it's now working and it's WORKING. My sister uses this and it worked much quicker for her, but I kept on because I paid for it and figured there was nothing to lose if I used the whole bottle. I'm very happy with this purchase.

Mia K.

Los Angeles, California, USA-10/18/2020

Never using lash extensions again after seeing my new lushful lash look

I love this product! My whole life I've had tiny eyelashes,barely able to be seen. I even had lash extensions, but they need constant care and have to be replaced on a regular basis. Which takes time. I now have great lashes, I love them.It took about 3 weeks for it to really grow in well. But worth the wait. I will always be grateful to have found this product.

Ava S.

Jacksonville, Florida, USA-10/19/2020

Finally, i’m not scared looking in the mirror anymore

It took me about a month to notice but YES this works! Besides my lashes being longer, I’ve also started to notice them curling up a bit so when I’m looking at myself straight on in the mirror, I can tell I have lashes (not true before). I’m a believer! Wish it weren’t so pricey so that I could buy more. I may try castor oil as a sub. Sad to see it go - would love to track longer term results!

Isabella C.

San Antonio, Texas, USA-10/20/2020

Works very well for me, i’m lushful lash for life

Some people are saying this doesn't work. Well I bought it anyway. My lashes are considerably longer now than they were last month. I stopped wearing eye liner too, so now you really see my lashes. People are commenting on how long they are. So for me, this stuff works!!

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